What if?

What if we lived creatively? What if we invited creatives to the table at the beginning? What if artists had the support they needed so they could focus on making art? What if your business was infused with creative processes?


BaD Arts Consulting believes in the inherent power and value of radical imagination and dangerous creativity. Through consultation, event curation, project management and facilitation, we help creatives do better business and businesses be more creative.

Value Image.png

Our values

We may be BaD but we believe that our work must do good. We prioritize projects that place purpose before capital because our radical imagination extends past our current moment and to a time when everyone has the access and resources to live out their biggest, boldest, baddest dreams.

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The "Litness test"

Before we take on a new project, we put it through a very scientific method to determine the "litness". How much will we be able to flex our muscles? Use our creative power? Do something dope? If we know that we do our best when we are passionate and we are passionate about the projects we take on, then we will do our best.