Hello! My name is Caress, but please add Deez. (CaressDeez) I lived in lil ole Delaware all my life until I migrated down to the State of NC, not too long ago. Durham is currently home and I must say...it is quite cozy.   I graduated twice from the University of Delaware, with degrees in Leadership (BS) and Higher Education Administration (M.Ed.).  I work at a local college shaping future leaders while supporting prevention and health promotion efforts.

I enjoy roaming any and all thrift/antique shops, crafting all sort of randomness, and having fun while engaging in new experiences and people! Holla.

Everyone has the capacity to be good. Everyone has the ability to be creative. I believe in helping those who are not able to help themselves and advocating for what is right and what is truth. 

I dream of a life where I am free.  Free to be, free to think, free to feel.

Short Answer

What does radical imagination and dangerous creativity mean to you?

Being true to you and your art as defined by you. Not bounding or limiting yourself; change the status quo & revel in it.

What is the relationship between destruction and creation?

Both are actions and processes with an outcome determined by perspective. What's your perspective? DM me--let's chat about it, Future Con Artist...

How do you define bad art?

Art that doesn't reflect the artist or the artist's intent is 'bad art'. Don't worry your precious self. We're here to help those who want to help themselves. :)