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Twitter: @brandnewbentley


My name is Chelsey Bentley, and I’m a cancer, a goofball, and caffeine enthusiast. I’m originally from Toledo, Ohio, but I call the Triangle my home. I provide marketing, PR, graphic design and website consulting for Bad Arts. I’m a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I double majored in Public Relations/Marketing and Religious Studies. I have 7 years of experience in the marketing industry. I’ve worked with clients such as The Art of Cool Festival, UNC-Chapel Hill, Braman Bentley & Rolls Royce, Mark Jacobson Toyota, and others.  

Y’all, I really, really love my craft. There’s only a few things I love more than delivering a successful campaign or final deliverable to a client and seeing their happiness. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue a project that makes them unabashedly happy, and to always give 110% when only 100% is required. I believe in providing authentic work for each client, listening to their wants, needs, and how best to represent their product/services to their target demographic. I’m passionate about learning new ways to perfect my craft, as well as involvement in the non-profit realm - particularly working with the homeless and to raise awareness of violence against women. My dream is to one day be in a space where I can help others achieve their purpose, become confident in their abilities, and to help others who are less fortunate. I one day want to operate a PR firm that is committed to providing creative, authentic work, as well as having a heart for community service.

I am a lover of books, coffee, trap music, elephants, pineapple, winged eyeliner, and football. I seek to bring positive, encouraging energy to all those around me. A quote I would use to describe myself and my attitude towards others is:  "The sun does not shine upon us, it shines within us".


What does radical imagination and dangerous creativity mean to you?

Dangerous creativity is just really not giving a f*&k. Whether it's about what people may think, say, or ideas that may have not worked for someone else. Radical imagination is not being scared to think out of the box or approach something differently. 

What is the relationship between destruction and creation?

In order to create, sometimes we have to destroy. Destruction can be seen as a pathway to creation. We can use the rubble from the destruction in order to build something better for the overall good. 

How do you define bad art?

Bad art expands your thought process. It's the art that has you staring at it for hours thinking "WTF" and trying to figure out what drugs the artist was on to create such a piece. In the words of Yeezy himself, "It's provocative, it gets the crowd going".