I am a visual artist who can't sit still. I value utility, but also believe beauty is reason enough to make art.

My name is Derrick Beasley. I'm from the Bull City aka Durham North Carolina. When I was in the second grade, I claimed that I would play professional basketball and baseball and be an artist when I grew up. I currently play recreational softball twice a week and I am also a visual artist that couldn't stick to a singular medium if I wanted to. There is too much to create to be bound.  I want to create a better world and more specifically I seek liberation for Black people in the united States. My artistry is my weapon of choice to bring about the world that I want to see. I also see myself as a connector, moving through different circles helping others to reimagine what the world could be and leveraging their own creativity to bring it that new world to life.

My favorite project right now is an annual Festival I put on with a group of friends called Black August in the Park

While my hoop dreams have deflated, I still get to play on a dope team!