I am a creative, a designer, community advocate, fashion/style head, an avid runner, music lover and a solutions-based business man born, bred and based in Durham, NC. My name is Marcus Hawley.

A guy that stands on the outside of the status quo with a somewhat dry sense of humor. I’m into quite a few things but what I really enjoy is building my brands, both business and personal, connecting and building with friends, old and new, and running the streets of whatever city, state and/or country I’m visiting...I’m trying to run the world *wink*.

In addition to BaD Arts some other projects that currently keep me busy is Natty Neckware, an accessories apparel design brand, a healthcare platform I’m helping develop with some other dope friends and solidifying an official running group/brand with my running partners that keep me inspired and challenge me to be better, daily.

A proud graduate of Hampton University (The Real HU), this was my first experience with true black intellectualism. Engaging with people, groups and organizations that spoke to me in ways I hadn’t been spoken to before but it was a foundation for what was to come. Now, I have a strong love and respect for HBCUs and the culture that lives on their campuses and in their alum. What these institutions truly taught me, other than the subjects in textbooks, was the need for spaces where people can authentically be themselves. Spaces that are engaging, spaces where you’re not invisible, spaces that reciprocally give to you as you give to them.

My dreams are to help build and develop an enterprise(s) of creative and traditional businesses that engage with and include the community, is environmentally sustainable, builds businesses, economies, communities and other entrepreneurs. To authentically walk in my purpose fulfilling my passions is the intersection where you’ll find me.